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13 May 2010 @ 04:38 pm
Supernatural Season 5--Two Minutes to Midnight Promo and "Dean Dines with Death" video  
Even though it's been a week since "Two Minutes" aired, I'm just now posting more about it.  Let's just say there was a "tragedy" that involved my TIVO not recording the episode.  I actually cried.  Even though I knew I could get the episode elsewhere.  I was so looking forward to it, I wanted to see it right then!   Perhaps I should consider whether I'm too invested in this show... 

At any rate, after finally seeing the episode, I decided to post a couple of videos because I thought the episode was so well done.

I think this is a really cool video promo.  It's edited together so well and manages to cover the entire season up until now.  Some scenes, especially the ones from the "Death" segment of the episode, were so beautifully filmed and I love the images they created.  The use of light and color is so striking.  The art direction and camera work and other technical aspects seem much better than you often seen in episodic television, especially for a promo video.  I'm very impressed:

The next video is the scene between Dean and Death at the pizza parlor.  I think this scene is very well-written and well-acted.   Not only did the folks working behind the scenes do a beautiful job with lighting and art direction, etc., I was also impressed with the sound in this scene.  My computer actually has better speakers than my television set-up right now, and as I watched this video, it sounded like an actual storm going on in the background.  It gave me shivers and really added to the inherent creepiness of the scene.

I really liked this episode (did I mention that already?), and look forward to the season finale in a few hours.