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09 December 2010 @ 07:46 pm
I'm proud to be a part of the Supernatural fandom because we are so fiercely loyal to our show and our boys. I know I'm not the only one who voted her little heart out for Supernatural to grace the cover of TV Guide. After more than five seasons, the honor is long overdue, in my opinion. For those of you who haven't had a chance to get a copy, there are scans under the cut. Congratulations Supernatural fans!

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25 September 2010 @ 02:46 am

I have an extra Gold Weekend Ticket for the Chicago convention.  These are sold out on the Creation site, with only about 10 Silver Weekend Tickets available before a sellout (for Sunday, when Jared, Jensen and Misha are there). 


Seat is Row I (not 1), seat 19.  This is 9 rows back from the stage, and 5 seats right of center.  You can see the seating chart here:


Just scroll down to Supernatural Chicago, then click on "Preferred Weekend Package" or "Preferred Admission Seating", and that should bring up the seating chart.


Payment through Paypal.  Once funds are confirmed as received, I will email you the PDF file of the ticket.  Face value of the ticket is $489, but I will consider reasonable offers.

Please comment here or PM me if you're interested.

One of the things I forgot to mention in my "thoughts" post last night was Jared as Sam/Lucifer.  His performance took my breath away.  In the moment that his facial expression changed as he gazed at the first hole the Horsemen rings opened up, I could see his Lucifer from episode 5.04 (The End).  Then he turned around and that small dimple appeared on his left cheek, and that sealed the deal.  He didn't have to say a word.  I knew it was Lucifer in control.

But it was the scene in the mirror that really let Jared shine.

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Wow.  I was correct in my suspicion that I would need plenty of tissues for the season finale.  I started crying at 8 minutes in (when Bobby was saying goodbye), and never stopped for the whole show. 

I was stunned as Lucifer blew up Cas (poor Cas, that's the second time) and broke Bobby's neck.  That being said, I'm glad that they brought them back and didn't leave Dean as the only survivor.  I had to wonder if it had been the series finale, rather than the season finale, if that would have been different. 

Those flashback scenes of the boys and their history in the Impala really got to me and made me even more emotional. (Like the army guy stuck in the ashtray. *sob*)  The way the episode began, with scenes at the auto plant and Chuck talking about the history of the car, made me almost certain that they were going to destroy the Metallicar.  I'm so glad that they didn't.  I'm attached to her too.

I'm not sure how I feel about Lisa.  I know she's a convenient plot device to have for Dean's "normal" life, but it doesn't seem to me like she has been a big enough part of his life for her to be Dean's "go-to" girl.  Maybe I'll change my mind.

The episode did leave me with a couple of questions.  Is Chuck God? That last scene of his sure made it seem that way.  Of course, that could just be the writers misleading us. (Oh, but they'd never do that!)  Another question I had was about Sam.  It certainly looked like him watching Dean through the window.  But is it him? After all, the street light above him flickering and going out would seem to indicate something supernatural.  He also had a strange expression on his face that didn't seem like Sam either.  If it is Sam, is he going to see Dean making an attempt at a normal life, and decide to walk away so his brother can have that? That certainly seems to be something he would do. *sigh*  Oh, boys... 

Those are my initial thoughts.  I'd love to hear yours.
One last post before the finale.  I'm excited and a bit sad at the same time.  I'm dreading hiatus. *sigh*  I'm glad Jared and Jensen get some vacation time, but I'll miss seeing them in a new episode each week.  I also figure the writers will torture me with some sort of cliffhanger.  They have every season so far.

Here are two video sneak peeks for the episode airing later tonight.  Please note there will be SPOILERS.  Especially in the second one:

I like seeing Dean (and Sammy) recognize that it's not up to Dean to give Sammy permission to do what he feels he needs to do...


Oh, Sammy...  Now I know that I'll need lots of tissues nearby while I'm watching tonight, as my eyes are filling with tears just watching this sneak peek.  Add in just a tiny bit of humor with Cas...  it just makes it even harder to take. 

I am so relieved that I can title this post "Season Five Finale" rather than "Series Finale".  I know some people don't want or are ambivalent about a sixth season.  I am not one of those people.  I'm not ready to let go of my boys.  I'm going to go into withdrawal as it is during the hiatus.  Last year, I survived by clinging to my DVDs and by reading Big Bang fics.  Thank goodness I found the Big Bang community last year.  Otherwise, I don't know what I would have done with myself!

That being said, here are two promo videos for episode 22.  Do I really have to warn that there will be spoilers?

Did Sammy do that to Dean's face? Oh, Sammy.  Oh, Dean.  Oh, boys!

And then there's this (please note it's bloodier and has more spoilers):

Those fast cut scenes of young Sammy throughout the series at the end of this promo really gets to me.  So young.  So innocent. *sob*


Even though it's been a week since "Two Minutes" aired, I'm just now posting more about it.  Let's just say there was a "tragedy" that involved my TIVO not recording the episode.  I actually cried.  Even though I knew I could get the episode elsewhere.  I was so looking forward to it, I wanted to see it right then!   Perhaps I should consider whether I'm too invested in this show... 

At any rate, after finally seeing the episode, I decided to post a couple of videos because I thought the episode was so well done.

I think this is a really cool video promo.  It's edited together so well and manages to cover the entire season up until now.  Some scenes, especially the ones from the "Death" segment of the episode, were so beautifully filmed and I love the images they created.  The use of light and color is so striking.  The art direction and camera work and other technical aspects seem much better than you often seen in episodic television, especially for a promo video.  I'm very impressed:

The next video is the scene between Dean and Death at the pizza parlor.  I think this scene is very well-written and well-acted.   Not only did the folks working behind the scenes do a beautiful job with lighting and art direction, etc., I was also impressed with the sound in this scene.  My computer actually has better speakers than my television set-up right now, and as I watched this video, it sounded like an actual storm going on in the background.  It gave me shivers and really added to the inherent creepiness of the scene.

I really liked this episode (did I mention that already?), and look forward to the season finale in a few hours.

30 April 2010 @ 09:07 pm
I find Crowley kind of sexy, but he's also a bit kinky (not that there's anything wrong with that). I don't even know what to think about this video posted on YouTube. I'm torn between laughing or shouting, "My eyes! My eyes!" I do love the looks on Sam's and Dean's faces though...

Please note that this is a bit spoilery as it contains a scene from upcoming episode 5.21.

19 March 2010 @ 10:00 pm
This is my first post.  I've had my Livejournal account for a little over a year, but was too shy to post.  I have finally decided to come out of hiding.  The TV show Supernatural is what led me here.  It's the only show i watch regularly.  I love my Winchester men.

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