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13 May 2010 @ 07:27 pm
Supernatural Season 5 Finale--Swan Song sneak peeks  
One last post before the finale.  I'm excited and a bit sad at the same time.  I'm dreading hiatus. *sigh*  I'm glad Jared and Jensen get some vacation time, but I'll miss seeing them in a new episode each week.  I also figure the writers will torture me with some sort of cliffhanger.  They have every season so far.

Here are two video sneak peeks for the episode airing later tonight.  Please note there will be SPOILERS.  Especially in the second one:

I like seeing Dean (and Sammy) recognize that it's not up to Dean to give Sammy permission to do what he feels he needs to do...


Oh, Sammy...  Now I know that I'll need lots of tissues nearby while I'm watching tonight, as my eyes are filling with tears just watching this sneak peek.  Add in just a tiny bit of humor with Cas...  it just makes it even harder to take.